Secure Online Access

  • Online, cloud-based access
  • Access through any web browser on a PC or mobile device
  • Sign in with a secure username and password


Role Separation

  • Each user has their own username and password
  • Each user can be assigned roles, which control what they have access to - if you need some users to sign VFDs and other users to only view them, we've got you covered


Simple Creation and Tracking

  • Creation of records is broken down into workflows that walk you through each step of the creation process
  • Records are stored in a Workspace, where you can track the status of each record through its lifecycle



  • Our Memorize feature captures your data as you enter it and stores it so you can use that data again with just a click
  • This makes creating multiple VFDs for the same client or distributor a snap


Compliant Electronic Signature

  • Veterinarians can create an FDA 21 CFR 11 compliant electronic signature and store it on their profile
  • Attach that electronic signature to VFDs with just a click


Sharing and Notifications

  • Identify any party (producer, feed mill, distributor, veterinarian) by email address
  • Any users of RxExpress will receive the electronic VFD automatically
  • All parties identified by email in the record will be notified when the record is created, updated, or expired
  • Receive notifications before a record expires to help plan for the future
  • Send a link or PDF file to anybody, even if they don't have an RxExpress account



  • All records are stored forever
  • Records can be easily accessed and searched from one, simple location